buy Lyrica online ireland Clinic Update 2nd July 2020 – COVID-19

Sint-Gillis-Waas CLINIC APPOINTMENTS NOW BEING TAKEN We are open with additional measures in place to meet COVID-19 secure guidelines, based on current guidelines from the Government and British Acupuncture Council.

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What our clients say

“I have been a client of Malti’s for approximately 8 years and have visited her for acupuncture treatment for a number of reasons such as acne, insomnia and headaches. However, the main purpose of my visits were for fertility issues as I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries when I was a teenager and was concerned that I would have trouble conceiving. Following a course of acupuncture sessions with Malti, I fell pregnant first time with both of my two daughters. Acupuncture helped me through severe nausea during the first few months of my 2nd pregnancy. I had a break from acupuncture for a few years following the birth of my 2nd daughter and experienced problems conceiving my 3rd. After a year of trying to conceive I visited Malti once again for a course of treatment and I am delighted to say that I am now pregnant with my 3rd child. I’m convinced that acupuncture helped me in conceiving each time and can’t thank Malti enough for her help.”

Rūdarpur Jenny – Ickenham

“I was suffering from acute back pain due to disc herniation of the L2 disc in the lower lumbar region. The pain was constant, acute and at times I experienced shooting pain down my thighs which made walking difficult. Conventional physiotherapy was having limited impact and the alternative was to subject myself to spinal steroid injections. I approached Malti after having researched for alternative treatments such as acupuncture and having heard of the benefits of acupuncture. I had 6 sessions of acupuncture with Malti and the results were astounding. The pain reduced significantly and my mobility improved manifold. I returned for another session and the pain and all symptoms of a herniated disc had been eliminated to an extent that I was in a position to return to playing Badminton within 6 months. I strongly recommend Malti Shah as I can vouch for her credentials and her abilities in relieving patients of their pain on a permanent basis.”

Hari – Northwood

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Common Questions About Acupuncture Treatment


Does acupuncture have any side effects?

Acupuncture therapy is widely accepted because of the fact that it has no unpleasant side effects.


Are the needles safe?

Completely. Needles are made of stainless steel; they are pre-sterilized and disposed of after each session.


What does it feel like?

Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing. Patients often describe the needle sensation as a slight pinch or a tingling sensation.