What some of our clients have to say…

Malti helped me to treat a skin condition. The treatment including the use of moxa helped it to heal. She was helpful in suggesting other things including diet that would help to relieve it too.
icon-decor-2Cara - Uxbridge
Malti had worked wonders in solving my problems with low energy and the feelings of bloated stomach and nausea. I was amazed at how quickly the results occurred and felt better immediately after my first session. I was afraid about the “pain” but it was so relaxing that I fell asleep during the treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Malti.
icon-decor-1Manoj – Northwood
Initially visited Malti Shah by recommendation to arrest the face ageing process via acupuncture. After a number of sessions I have had great results and will continue treatment on a regular basis.
icon-decor-3Irene – Denham
Malti is a skilled practitioner whose acupuncture skills and lifestyle advice has made a major improvement with my condition of asthma, eczema and IBS.
icon-decor-2Stephen – Eastcote
I was introduced to Malti when I had serious knee injury while playing badminton. After few sessions of acupuncture treatment with Malti I was fully fit and back playing badminton again. Malti also advised me to check my vitamin D level and found to be deficient. I was prescribed vitamin D by the GP which shows great improvement also with my skin condition. I would strongly recommend Malti.
icon-decor-3Raja - Harrow
I contacted Malti mainly because of insomnia and low energy. After her acupuncture treatments I felt really relaxed and since then I have slept well. For the problem of low energy she gave me good advice with nutrition as well. I can warmly recommend Malti’s treatments – I felt I was in good hands.
icon-decor-2Minna - Northwood
I had been wearing an elbow strap for some time to relieve the pain from a golfers elbow. After four sessions of acupuncture with Malti, the golfers elbow was completely cured and haven’t had to use the elbow strap when playing. Since then acupuncture treatment has also given me relief from Hay Fever and cured my snoring.
icon-decor-1Surendra – Edgware