Special Offers

Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May

Its mental health awareness week and we have special offers on acupuncture treatments in our Pinner Clinic only.

Consultation (includes treatment) £55, reduced from £65

Acupuncture sessions £50 , reduced from £55

Fria Package Offer

A course of treatment is usually 6 – 8 sessions to see lasting results.

Acupuncture is cumulative, which means that the results of each treatment build on the results of the ones before it. I usually recommend once a week for the first 4 sessions, then fortnightly to complete the course.

I compare it to working out – you may feel a difference after one workout, but the results will probably not be long-lasting. Regular workouts give the results staying power. The same is often the case for acupuncture and  chronic conditions.

Pay for 6 sessions and get 7th free– works out at £47.14 per treatment

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Spring 2022 – offer ends 30th May 22

Spring is here and after all those months of dry heat, not enough fresh air and winter colds the wear and tear can really show up on your face. It’s time to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

We have just opened a new acupuncture clinic in Pinner and so have our cosmetic acupuncture treatments on special offer for the month of April.

The special offer if for the initial consultation and six sessions of cosmetic acupuncture.

Facial Acupuncture Initial Consultation & Acupuncture – £85 (reduced from £110)

Facial Acupuncture Follow Up  – £75 per session (reduced from £95)

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If you have questions about Cosmetic Acupuncture, feel free to call me on 07900 890 523 or email  info@northwoodacu.co.uk

If you’re ready to get started, the first step is to set up a consultation. We’ll discuss your skincare goals, what to expect from cosmetic acupuncture, and answer any questions you have.